Projectify is an open-source to-do list application for people who are serious about digitizing their responsibilities.

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This site is pre-alpha stage, meaning there are a few more features needed before it will be considered alpha. In the meantime, please try out the site and contact Support with your comments/suggestions/issues:

This project is open source. For more info about the site, see the ABOUT page. If you are interested in contributing to the project, check out the CONTRIBUTE page. Links are also in the nav bar at the top of the page.


  • Email registration system
  • Edit display name and password.
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Create task
  • List tasks
  • Filter tasks by context
  • Complete/uncomplete tasks
  • Filter completed tasks
  • Edit task and add/remove contexts
  • Projectify task (add child tasks, etc.)
  • Customize contexts
  • Remove context button
  • Reorder tasks

Coming Soon

  • Create tags
  • Create Roadblocks
  • Indicate subtasks of same parent
  • Roadblock reminders
  • Search by tag
  • Archive tasks completed X days

"Someday Maybe"

  • Evernote, Dropbox, Drive, etc.
  • Share projects w/ friends
  • API-based mobile apps
  • Use mobile apps offline
  • Shopping lists
  • Recurring tasks


I decided a while back that I'd rather go with the short and sweet MIT license for this project. And after the long hiatus, I haven't seen evidence of anyone forking the repository or otherwise inplementing the project elsewhere, so I'm just going to change it now and be done with it.

UPDATE(07/03/2017): After way too much time off from this project, the SSL certificate was not being accepted by Chrome because Google stopped trusting certificates by StartCom, which is the type of cert we were using. We were finally able to install a cert signed by Let's Encrypt and we're back up and running.

The deploy process has been adjusted to use the GitHub repo to pull in changes, so the code running in production should always match the master branch going forward.

An issue has been fixed where creating a subtask with the completed box checked would result in an error. Next we will focus on adding tags without confusing them with contexts and adding roadblocks. Improving the layout will come after that.

UPDATE(05/18/2015): After the last update there were some issues preventing users from checking project completed checkbox. These have been fixed. Also the UI integration for syncing manually sorted tasks is finished. Now when you make changes a "changes pending" notice will display. A background sync job will pick it up and if successful the notice will disappear. If there are errors (loss of connection, for example), there will be an error notice to let you know.

UPDATE(05/14/2015): Now when you select filters on your main project list, these filters are saved in a cookie so when you refresh the page you don't have to hit those buttons every time. We've also made a few behind-the-scenes improvements that will make development a little faster and also made some layout changes that make the main project list a bit easier on the eyes and better about using the screen in a somewhat responsive way. The backend functionality for manually sorting your tasks has been implemented. Up next is the ui and event handler components of the manual sort feature. This should be done in the next few days.

UPDATE(04/13/2015): We've taken some first steps toward making the task list sortable. For now you can sort the list manually by dragging and dropping tasks. Currently your new sort sequence will not be saved for subsequent page loads, but we plan to change that soon

UPDATE(04/01/2015): You can now add your own custom contexts to the list. Go to the "Add Task" page and click the '+' icon to get a textbox where you can enter your new context name. Press ENTER to save it to your list. Contexts you've added will have a remove button you can click to remove the context.

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