What is Projectify

You're busy. You have commitments. They need to get done. But you can't do them all now. In fact, maybe you can only do 3 of them now.

Why waste energy thinking about the tasks you can't do now? Focus on the doable tasks now and let Projectify keep track of the rest until you can do them!

Open Source

Projectify is open-source, which means the code is freely available. The community can see the code and contribute. If you like this style of task management and want to help, check out the Contribute page to find out how you can help

Reasons a task can't be completed

When you can't complete a task in life, there are generally 3 reasons

Reason 1: Context

If your task requires you to be in a certain place or have access to certain equipment. For example, if your task is "Mow the Lawn", you could apply the context "home" while adding it, since it can only be done at home. If you're out running errands, you may be in the "car" context. Since you're not in the right context to complete this task, Projectify hides it for now.

Reason 2: Complexity

Maybe you started working on a task, but weren't able to complete it yet. You may be inclined to mark the task with a status, like "in progress" or 15% Complete. But these arbitrary labels are a bit abstract and don't do a great job of illustrating your progress. If you start accumulating a lot of tasks with these partially complete labels, it can make a mess, and now you're back to using mental energy every time you look at your list.

What do yo do with a task like this? Projectify it!

Click the Projectify icon next to the task, and you will have the option to turn a Task into a Project by adding subtasks.

Reason 3: Roadblocks

What if a task can't be done for external reasons that have nothing to do with you? Or if a task is dependent upon completion of another task? We call these Roadblocks, and they generally can be broken down into three types:

Note: roadblocks haven't been implemented yet, but here's the current plan for how they will work once they are.

Roadblock type 1: Waiting on Task

When you add this Roadblock, you can reference another task or project. This task will remain hidden until the other task is completed.

Roadblock type 2: Waiting on Contact

When you add this roadblock, you will be able to associate a contact and a date/time when you'd like a reminder to follow up with that contact.

Roadblock type 3: Waiting on Event

Adding this roadblock allows you to add a date/time when the task will become visible again.

Get Stuff Done

Using the tools explained above, you should be able to focus on only the tasks you can do now without being distracted by all of the other tasks you are responsible for. This should make it much easier to prioritize these tasks on the fly based on importance or personal preference.

With the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will be reminded of doable tasks at an appropriate time, you will have the confidence to focus on the things that are important right now and stop worrying that you might forget something.

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